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puppet theater & green library

The project envisions a compact building with a strong presence embodying cultural vitality and innovation, that combines a puppet theater in the first levels and a library on top of it, creating a mix use entity. 

Architecturally, the new proposal stands out as a simple, yet visually captivating answer that serves as an attractive point with a strong presence in the urban fabric. Its spatial layout follows a straightforward scheme, offering high-quality interior spaces. 

The project extends beyond the confines of its footprint, creating a welcoming, vibrant public plaza that offers space for the temporary market and for the summer performance events of the theater, serving as an extension of the cultural experience.  

The uniformly designed waved facades are conceived to elegantly stand out. By day, they appear almost solid yet allow daylight to filter into the interior, while by night, they emit a warm glow from within, drawing visitors’ attention. This blurs the lines between interior and exterior, public and semi-public spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages interaction, serving as a communal "living room" for the citizens of Bielsko-Biała - a space where the community can exchange ideas and knowledge.  







Bielsko-Biała, Poland


Temenuga Konstantinova 

Clemens Gerritzen

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