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podgorica cultural park

In the proposed design, the competition site is envisioned as a welcoming, open, permeable public park, seamlessly integrated with an innovative mixture of art galleries, event areas, cafés, restaurants, and recreational areas, enriching the city of Podgorica, and reconnecting the urban fabric with the most precious natural element of the city: the Morača river.   

The landscape is designed with the idea of creating a natural and continuous flow through smaller and bigger organically shaped green islands that form the vegetational areas throughout the site. The main paths flow around these islands following their shape and allowing for small sitting niches longside the path. The positioning of the green islands is carefully thought to preserve maximum existing flora and fauna. 75% of the existing trees, worth preserving, are kept, all with the aim of creating a lush, green feel throughout the park as well as to protect and nourish the existing habitats.  

The new buildings are designed as an integral part of the park, just as the park is an integral part of the new buildings. The facades are conceived to gracefully melt with the surrounding landscape, seamlessly blending man-made structures with the organic beauty of nature, resulting in a unified and harmonious intervention. The transparent plinth of the new interventions attracts and invites the observer from both the street and the park side and blurs the borders between inside and outside between public and semipublic space.   

The new cultural buildings provide functional and flexible spaces for art collection and events as well as, through its open accessible ground floor where citizens of Podgorica can spend time exchanging information, ideas, and knowledge.   





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Podgorica, Montenegro


Anne Friede, Gabriela Wallbraun, Hoda Hashemi, Zlatko Nikolic


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