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cohousing freimundo

At the heart of the design is the basic principle of the "breathing house", which can dynamically respond to the changing needs of future residents with a clear focus on flexibility, sustainability, and community. The design begins with the introduction of a diversity of combi spaces, of different formats and individual character to offer a variety of usage options. Considering a deliberately targeted low space consumption per resident, each apartment can thus grow flawlessly from a 2 person´s apartment to a 5 person´s apartment, but also - with expansion of the neighboring apartments and the common room - down to a studio apartment. This creates an optimal use of space that can be adapted without costly conversion work and at the same time ensures a comfortable living environment. 


The communal balcony functions as a social meeting point between the residents. Integrated smaller balconies, along the communal one, creates a buffer zone between the circulation area and the apartments. The bedrooms are oriented along the green boulevard and the green alley.  




Collaborators: ‏


Munich, Germany


AUD-A Architects‏

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