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STATUS : Completed

CLIENT: Foundation "Karin Dom"

PROGRAMME: Education, Health

The project has been designed for the Karin-Dom foundation, a non profit-organization with a leading role in providing professional services for children with special needs and their families. 

In the organisation of the functional program, the project refers to an innovative approach in the interpretation of spaces and follows perceptual quality and functional fluidity. The spaces of the new Karin Dom building are designed to be simple and rational, seeking the balance between defined spaces and adaptable, flexible rooms.


In the new Karin Dom building, nature, is seen as a pedagogical element, providing close connection to it not only outdoor, but also inside the building.

Thanks to an open groundfloor and wide openings on the upper levels, a constant visual connection with the outside is provided, creating immersive views and bringing the feeling of nature inside the building. 

On the ground floor are organized the physiotherapy and the hydroterapy rooms, where through the large glazing a feeling of exercising “outdoors“ is created. Closely connected are also the early intervention center and with a separate entrance from the front square, the medical centre.

On the first floor is positioned the Montessori school. Three large classrooms that can be opened to each other are designed as flexible spaces that can adapt to the needs of the users and change quickly with mobile, sliding walls. Additionally on that floor is organised the center for family-mediated intervention and the center with diagnostic and terapy.

On the last floor are positioned the administration spaces. The training center with the auditorium is also placed here, designed in a direct connection to the cafeteria, offering a charming view towards the courtyard.

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