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STATUS : Competition entry

CLIENT: Public

PROGRAMME: Education

In collaboration with MTTR Architekten + Stadtplaner and Lavaland Landschaftarchitektur


The new day-care center sees itself as part and extension of the Barnim Panorama. 
The elongated, one-storey structure of the day-care center is organized according to its main functions - common areas,
day care nursery and daycare rooms– in three volumes. 
The new day-care center  develops on the street side a reserved, but with a confident character.

The staggered structure of the day-care center is structured in both exterior and interior spaces. In the inside the spaces are connected by rythimic playing of space and situations 
The foyer widens at the entrance with the multifunctional room to one inviting common area. Further small areas are created in front of each group room small lit by  natural light trough skylights
The corridor itself ends with an outlook on perhaps the greatest quality of the new location, the nature park.

Multifunctional, group and development rooms are oriented to the south-east, giving optimal sun exposure.
In this way the main usage times of the day care center are guaranteed.
The adjoining terrace areas are partly covered, providing play areas, especially on rainy days.
Office, staff and function rooms are oriented to the north-west.

The day-care center will be built as a timber frame construction. The constant cross-section of their 'House shape' allows recurring and thus efficiently producible finished parts.

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