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karin dom 

With its three floors, the building fits harmonically between the trees, and the surrounding buildings, having a rather gentle presence. Positioned on the northwest side of the plot, it creates an intimate front square and a large green courtyard towards the southeast with plenty of sun for the children’s outdoor activities.


In the new child care center, nature is seen as a central pedagogical element. Extensive horizontal windows allow the interior spaces to visually expand to the surrounding garden. The functional distribution balances between well-defined spaces and adaptable rooms to accommodate evolving requirements. The circulation zones serve as social spaces where cozy niches thoughtfully integrated into the walls are strategically placed on each floor, promoting interaction and communication among children, teachers, and parents.


The rare-ventilated facade has wooden cladding on the ground floor and corrugated metal on the upper floors, that balances economic viability and long-term, easy maintenance. Inside, a warm and inviting atmosphere prevails, characterised by softly coloured walls, and timber ceilings in the atrium spaces.







2020 1st Prize / built in 2022

Varna, Bulgaria


Maksim Nedkov, Nikolai Rachinski

Georgi Milev, Laurian Ghinitoiu

Nominee Mies van der Rohe Award 2024

Bulgarian Architecture Award 2022

‏Building of the Year 2022 

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